Le Chansonnier

Le Chansonnier

Le Chansonnier used to be a French-themed private restaurant cluttered with antiques, a solid if not spectacular place to eat. Reopened in October 2011, its reinvention has left little trace of the old interior of the house, which dates back to 1860.

Le Chansonnier is now a haven of contemporary chic that integrates all of Havana’s coolest elements: beautiful young staff, great music, sensitive lighting and décor, as well as what must be the coolest toilet facade in Cuba (created by artist Damián Alquiles).

Enjoy the food, the custom cocktails and the cordial staff while being part of the cuban experience. Highlights from the mojito menu include the best-flavored drinks to pair with Cuban tipycal appetizers and crispy plantain chips. The interior space evokes memories of the bygone tropical island that lingers in the hearts of all cubans and visitors.

Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Native American Tainofood, Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines. Some Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor.

This results in a unique, interesting and flavorful blend of the several different cultural influences, with strong similarities with the cuisine of the neighboring Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. A small but noteworthy Chinese influence can also be accounted for, mainly in the Havana area. During colonial times, Cuba was an important port for trade, and many Spaniards who lived there brought their culinary traditions along with them.


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Desination: Vedado
Food Type: French Fusion
Category: Restaurants
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