All passengers are entitled to 44 pounds free of charge, consisting of the sum of their regular checked luggage, carry-on luggage and personal item. After 44 pounds, there will be an additional cost, detailed below.

Carry-on Luggage:

  • The carry-on luggage can be up to two pieces with a total of 20 lbs.

Regular Checked Luggage:

  • A piece of luggage is considered regular depending on its contents and cannot exceed 70 lbs.
  • All checked luggage has a cost of $ 20.00 USD each.
  • After 44 pounds (including the carry-on luggage), each additional pound will be charged at $1.00 USD for the first two (2) pieces of regular luggage. EXCEPT TAMPA – SANTA CLARA and MIAMI- SANTIAGO DE CUBA, which will be $2.00 USD for each additional piece of luggage.
  • From the 3rd piece of luggage and on, the cost will be $3.00 USD per pound.
  • Regular luggage can weigh up to 70 lbs.
  • FROM MARCH 22ND THROUGH MARCH 29TH (SPRING BREAK) and From June 1st to August 20th (SUMMER) , every additional pound of regular luggage will be charged at $2.00 USD to every city.

Irregular Baggage:

  • Irregular baggage is defined as boxes of any size, bulky luggage, toys, household appliances, cars, wheelchairs, car parts and regular luggage over 70 lbs.
  • The cost of irregular luggage starts at $ 4.00 USD per pound, plus an additional $20.00 USD per baggage checked.


  • $ 4.00 USD per pound + $ 20.00 USD

NOTE: According to Swift Air regulation, all bicycles must be disassembled in the original cardboard box, or also disassembled and packaged with cardboard on the sides. With no parts sticking out (repeat pedals, handles, screws, etc.) to avoid damages to other luggage. Those bicycles that don’t follow these regulations will not be accepted by Swift Airlines.


  • TV’s up to 44” are charged at $4.00 / lb + $20.00 for check-in
  • TV’s from 45” to 65” are charge at $4.00 / lb + $40.00 for check-in
  • TV’s from than 65” are charged at $6.00 / lb + $60.00 for check-in

Bulky Luggage:
Bulky luggage will be accepted at the discretion of the Charter at the time of the flight.


  • All payments can be made in cash or credit card.
  • Credit cards that are accepted are Visa and MasterCard both require a 4% convenience fee.

Prices and Regulations are subject to change during the periods of Spring Break, Summer and Christmas.

Last Updated Jan 20, 2019